Send a Christmas card to a person affected by Leprosy today.

Image of the 3 wise men with the Scripture "When they saw the star, they were overjoyed" from Matthew chapter 2 verse 10.

When you add your message here, we'll send a Christmas card on to someone fighting leprosy. They'll get the card - and, if you add a gift, the medications that will cure their disease...

...and they'll know that you care. And that God cares.

Sanjay’s leprosy is advanced. When he first came into the Leprosy Mission's hospital, he had terrible sores, which needed immediate and urgent treatment.

He is so poor that his wife and son died of malnutrition. His suffering is unimaginable. To watch your family die, while you survive, suffering the symptoms that humans rightly fear more than any other.

Once his wounds were healed, hospital staff realised that Sanjay had no place else to go. Living on the streets once again, he would surely be back with infected, weeping wounds. 

Please tell someone like Sanjay with your card, and gift, that God is with them and that you care. Your Christmas card will be a reminder to say, “You are not alone.”