Nepal earthquake appeal

When the earthquake of 25 April 2015 hit Nepal, Krishna’s home was destroyed and his life changed forever by the death of his wife, who was inside the house when it collapsed. Already disabled by leprosy and now a lone parent to his two sons, life is desperately hard for Krishna. The family are now living in a temporary shelter, which cannot protect them from the worst of the winter weather.

Your gift for Krishna and the thousands of others like him will help rebuild homes and lives in Nepal. 

This winter, help us rebuild Nepal and support some of its neediest people. We will use your gifts to help rebuild homes and lives in Nepal. If we exceed our target we will use your gifts to help other people suffering the effects of leprosy around the world.


Your choice of gift to help them rebuild

  • A gift of £10 could buy a counselling session for someone devastated by the earthquake
  • A gift of £20 could provide a toilet and sink for a new home
  • A gift of just £55 could buy a pallet of bricks that will help start construction of a new, earthquake-proof house.
  • Or give an amount of your choice to make a difference to someone affected by leprosy in Nepal

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