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Sami contracted leprosy at the age of 12. But it would be seven more years until he was officially diagnosed with the disease. In that time, Sami became a victim of its terrible effects on the body and the cruelty of those who didn’t understand.

Where your money goes

We will be able to provide urgent care for people suffering from leprosy. Your gift will mean we are able to ease the suffering of more people and transform lives for the better - with surgery, ulcer care, physiotherapy and counselling.

Sami contracted leprosy at the age of 12

  • A £10 donation could pay for someone to attend a counselling session.
  • £24 could cure one person of leprosy with multidrug therapy.
  • A £40 donation could pay four physiotherapy sessions.
  • Or give an amount of your choice to make a difference to someone affected by leprosy