Set someone free from leprosy

Give today and contribute to the cure for leprosy

Right now we could be spotting the signs of leprosy and curing the disease in thousands. By recognising the symptoms of leprosy early, a patient’s life can carry on as normal, but too often these signs are ignored, which leads to devastating disabilities, like those suffered by Sami, who lost his toes. You can help change that and transform lives today.

Where your money goes

Your gift will be urgently used to find and cure those suffering with leprosy today. A course of multidrug therapy will mean a patient can go on with life, unscarred.

Sami contracted leprosy at the age of 12

  • A £10 donation could pay for someone to attend a counselling session.
  • £24 could cure one person of leprosy with multidrug therapy.
  • A £40 donation could pay four physiotherapy sessions.
  • Or give an amount of your choice to make a difference to someone affected by leprosy