Buy a new pair of shoes to prevent disability

A gift of shoes is a gift of independence and hope.

By giving a gift of shoes or sandals, you will enable someone like Khin Su Aung, from Myanmar, to prevent disability. Your gift could also provide footcare training, helping people to care for themselves more effectively.

Why protective shoes are so important 

Wherever leprosy strikes and causes numbness to feet, unnoticed cuts can easily lead to infected wounds and ulcers. The problem is made worse by the fact that in many countries where we work, people can not afford shoes. A gift from you today will be life changing for someone like Khin Su Aung.

Khin Su Aung.jpg

  • £10 could buys someone a protective pair of shoes
  • £20 could buy two people a protective pair of shoes
  • £40 could buy four people a protective pair of of shoes
  • Or give an amount of your choice to make a difference to someone affected by leprosy