Children like Anil need you

Anil is just seven years old. He has leprosy. His father went missing during the conflicts in Sri Lanka and then his mother and stepfather rejected him. When we found him Anil needed cure for leprosy. But he was malnourished, going hungry every day because his grandparents could not afford food.

We won’t normally ask you to provide food. But this Christmas we are asking you to feed Anil and children like him.

Will you put together a life changing cure and food package today to make sure children have enough to eat this Christmas?


How your gift helps

  • A gift of £7.50 will pay for a food parcel for a month
  • It’s £15 to feed a child for two months, bringing real hope and nourishment this Christmas
  • £24 will cure a child of leprosy as soon as possible
  • £39 will cure a child and feed them for two months
  • Or give a gift of whatever you can afford