Bring hope and treatment to people like Kushmi

Our oldest hospital is at breaking point.

Each day around 300 patients arrive at Purulia Hospital's Outpatients' Department. Many have travelled hours to get there. Kushmi is severely disabled by leprosy with an open wound on the stump of her left leg. After a five hour journey, she arrived in need of urgent care.

The hospital staff are determined not to turn anyone away, but this is becoming increasingly difficult. Only two doctors see all these patients in hot, crowded conditions. There is little privacy for consultations and inadequate sanitation facilities.

Invest in Purulia's future

We need to build a new Outpatients' Department at Purulia to serve people like Kushmi. Will you invest in Purulia's future? Every gift will strengthen this place of healing, bringing hope and wholeness to its patients.


Hospital wing appeal

How your gift helps

  • £25 could buy 250 bricks to help build the new Outpatients' Department
  • £50 could pay for a comfortable chair in the new waiting area
  • £75 could buy a new door and doorframe to ensure privacy for patients in consulting rooms
  • Or give a gift of whatever you can afford