A gift of hope for Purulia Hospital

Help build the new Outpatients’ Department

Parvati recovering at Purulia

You can make sure people affected by leprosy are never turned away from Purulia Hospital in West Bengal. 

By helping us build a new Outpatients Department at our oldest hospital, you’ll guarantee people the love, cure from leprosy, medical care and operations they desperately need. You can invest in Purulia’s future today

  • £25 could buy 250 bricks to help construct the new building
  • £50 could help pay for new toilets and washing basins
  • £75 could pay for a door and doorframe for a consulting room to provide privacy
  • £120 could buy a ceiling fan to keep rooms cool as people wait

Please give a gift today so the hospital can expand and meet the needs of every person who walks through the doors.


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