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Neelam is bullied every day due to her leprosy scars. A gift of £30 will train someone to stand up for her rights, so she can have a future free from fear. Furthermore, your gift will multiply by four thanks to EU funding.

Every day, children and adults with the visible scars of leprosy are bullied, abused and discriminated against. In many parts of the world leprosy is believed to be an evil curse, and anyone thought to have had leprosy - even if they are cured - may be cast out of their community.

Neelam is an orphan and has nobody to stand up for her. We want to change that.

By giving a gift, you can help to train a Leprosy Champion. They will work with Neelam’s school, community, and in the future, her workplace, to help change how people with the visible scars of leprosy are treated.

This project is supported by the European Union, meaning that every £10 you give, releases a further £30. A gift of £10 becomes £40.

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