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Pankaj is alone. Leprosy has cast a dark shadow over his life and taken so much from him.

As a teacher, Pankaj had a great job and a respected role in his community. Leprosy snatched all that away.

A gift of £30 will pay for a Leprosy Champion – a lifeline for Pankaj.

The physical effects of leprosy required serious surgery, but it was the emotional impact that devastated him. His family and school rejected him.

The Leprosy Mission met Pankaj when he was at his lowest. He had nothing. Now he has hope. With your help we can fund a Leprosy Champion for Pankaj, and others like him, to help him repair broken relationships and speak out against unjust laws.

Please give a gift of £30 to fund a Leprosy Champion today.

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