Give a gift in memory of Princess Diana

Princess Diana on hospital visit

Diana, Princess of Wales, changed the way the world viewed people with leprosy. She wasn’t afraid of the disease, showing her compassion and love for those most vulnerable when she visited Anandaban Hospital.

By giving a gift in Diana's memory, her groundbreaking work to end discrimination can continue. Together, we can break down barriers and strive for a fairer world for all.

Since Diana’s visit, Anandaban Hospital continues to treat hundreds of people with leprosy every week. Your gift to the hospital in her memory would not only honour her legacy, but provide real care to people suffering from the effects of leprosy today.

  • £10 could pay for bedding and clothing 
  • £20 could buy much needed bandages
  • £30 could provide food for a patient for a month

When you give a gift, you will also have the chance to send a personal message of tribute to Diana and all she did on behalf of people affected by leprosy. We will pass on these messages to Princes William and Harry as a reminder of their mother’s wonderful work.

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