Give urgent care to someone like Manjika


Fifty-year-old grandma Manjika shelters under a busy flyover in Mumbai. She is not the only one. There is a whole community of leprosy-affected adults living on the city's outskirts. 

Each week, the Karuna Ambulance visit city slums like Manjika's to offer emotional and practical support.   

A one-off gift from you means we can help even more communities with injections and bandages to keep them free from disease. 

Help us provide care for more people like Manjika with a gift today.  

  • £20 will help pay for clean bandages to dress a weeping wound
  • £60 will feed two people affected by leprosy for a whole month
  • £120 will pay for a surgeon to heal and restore a person’s damaged hand

Photo: Hassan Nezemian 

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