Giving in memory of a loved one

A gift in memory of your loved one is a wonderful way to bring hope to people whose lives have been torn apart by rejection and fear. By honouring the life of a loved one in this special way, their love can live and continue to bring healing and restore lives.

There are many ways that you can honour a loved one through a gift in memory. You may like to give in lieu of flowers at a funeral, on a special anniversary or perhaps through a regular gift.

Each gift given in memory is an incredible blessing to people affected by leprosy.

  • £10 could provide a pair of protective shoes to prevent disability
  • £24 could cure one person of leprosy
  • £50 could provide school uniform, shoes and books for one child
  • £75 could provide farming tools and seeds to help a family produce their own food
  • Or give a gift of whatever you can afford
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