Give a gift more precious than gold this Christmas

Patient in hospital

Like the wise men who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to worship Jesus, your support this Christmas will give the best gift of all to those affected by leprosy: the cure. 

Help us to find people like Rajeev, living isolated in West Bengal, showing early signs of leprosy and provide support before the disease can disfigure or even disable him permanently. 

Because without your help to send out our medical teams, leprosy will be left to do its worst this Christmas. 

  • £128 will go towards eye screening to save 15 families from preventable blindness
  • £400 could pay for specialist medical consultations to check 200 more people like Rajeev for signs of leprosy
  • £796 will pay for a Leprosy nurse's salary for a whole year of mission outreach camps

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