World Leprosy Sunday 2020: Throw a lifeline to someone like Ko

Ko in a wheelchair

When he first spotted the tell-tale signs of leprosy on his foot, father-of-two Ko ignored them. He was working so hard as a driver to support his wife and two children. But anxiety grew when he started dragging his right leg as he walked. 

When Ko was finally diagnosed and treated, medics had to amputate his leg to save his life. Thankfully, Ko is still able to work but now he needs ongoing care.

A gift to our World Leprosy Sunday appeal will help others to spot the early signs of leprosy and avoid a lifetime of disability. Just £25 will mean a specialist leprosy doctor can do their job for one day while £67 could provide a week’s hospital care and £120 can provide life-changing surgery. 

Your support will be a lifeline for someone like Ko.

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