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Become a Leprosy Changemaker like Deolina

Deolina was cured of leprosy before it could have led to amputation or disability. But in rural Mozambique, healthcare is difficult to find and leprosy treatment is even more limited. Based in the country’s most northerly province, Deolina now works to find others like her and signpost them to treatment before it’s too late. She’ll stop at nothing to help people, doing whatever it takes to make sure people are cured.

The New Year gives you an amazing window of opportunity to join Deolina and become a Leprosy Changemaker. When you give a gift to help Deolina and others like her before 24 April, your donation will be doubled by the UK government. With your gift making twice the difference, you can help make leprosy a thing of the past in Mozambique. 

  • Your gift of £24, doubled to £48 will find and cure two people with leprosy
  • Your gift of £50, doubled to £100 will provide a bicycle for a Leprosy Changemaker to travel between villages
  • Your gift of £161, doubled to £322 will fund a community health camp

Please show your unconditional love to someone like Deolina today. 

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