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Your support means a brighter future for people like Kristina

When Kristina started to notice the effects of leprosy on her hands, loss of feeling and ulcers meant she was struggling to work. It was fortunate that she heard a neighbour talking about a volunteer from a nearby village - a Leprosy Changemaker - who could help.

When she met with the volunteer, Kristina was treated with kindness. She was referred to her local health worker who diagnosed leprosy and gave her the cure, explaining how she could look after her hands to prevent further injuries.

Thanks to people like you, Kristina doesn't have to worry about leprosy any more. When you give a gift today, your support could equip more Leprosy Changemakers who will help find new cases of the disease, break down stigma and mobilise communities to work together to build a more prosperous future. 

More people like Kristina will be cured before leprosy's effects on their bodies become permanent. That's unconditional. 


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