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Will you help a child like Amelia feel unconditional love?

For too long, leprosy has torn families apart. It has separated loved ones. It’s robbed children of a future free from disability and stigma. Children like 12-year-old Amelia. 

Amelia first faced loss at a very young age when her father died. While her family pulled together to survive, they didn’t notice the changes in Amelia’s body. She had leprosy.

Today Amelia’s hands are clawed because of nerve damage caused by leprosy and she can no longer go to school. She says, ‘I don’t have any dreams because this illness doesn’t give me any hope.’ If only she had been found and cured sooner.

You can bring healing and restore opportunities to children like Amelia by helping to build a Hub of Hope. This will be a community centre where every villager will benefit from healthcare services and leprosy treatment, support to start small businesses, and agricultural training. Through the hub, the community will learn the skills they need to fight leprosy and poverty, both now and for generations to come.

Your gift of £24 would cure a child like Amelia of leprosy before it’s too late. Or you could help to fund a Hub of Hope, a place of healing, sanctuary and opportunity for the whole village. A gift from you of £270 would fully equip one hub; £1,289 would pay for all activities and training at a hub for a year; and £5,000 would fully fund the construction and running costs of one hub.

When you give before 24 April, the UK government will double your gift, meaning it will have twice the impact. Together, we can make leprosy a thing of the past in Mozambique.

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