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Will you bring hope to someone like Zaina this Easter?

In Mozambique, hope can be hard to come by. Communities are living with poverty, disease and starvation. Deadly cyclones have killed hundreds. On top of that, people affected by leprosy face rejection due to fear and discrimination. People like Zaina. 

Zaina was a young mother when she first noticed patches on her skin - the tell-tale first sign of leprosy. Her neighbours were afraid of the disease and banished her from her home. Even worse, her baby boy was then taken from her. But a single act of kindness from a stranger turned Zaina’s life around. Zaina was taken to see a health worker and cured of leprosy. The Leprosy Mission trained Zaina to recognise the early signs of leprosy and to teach others to do the same. Now Zaina educates her community about leprosy and is determined that others shouldn’t experience what she did.

This Easter, would you join Zaina and show God’s unconditional love to people affected by leprosy? A gift from you today will help build a Hub of Hope, a community centre where every villager will benefit from healthcare services and leprosy treatment, support to start small businesses, and agricultural training. Through the hub, the community will learn the skills they need to fight leprosy and poverty, both now and for generations to come.

Your gift of £24 would cure a someone like Zaina of leprosy before it is too late. Or you could help to fund a Hub of Hope, a place of healing, sanctuary and opportunity for the whole village. A gift from you of £270 would fully equip one hub; £1,289 would pay for all activities and training at a hub for a year; and £5,000 would fully fund the construction and running costs of one hub.

When you give before 24 April, the UK government will double your gift, meaning it will have twice the impact. Together, we can make leprosy a thing of the past in Mozambique.

How much would you like to give?

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