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Rani with a book

Will you help keep a child like Rani at school?

Just 9 years old and diagnosed with the disease, leprosy has stolen Rani's hopes and dreams. Skin lesions from leprosy have left scars on her face. At school, she faces constant bullying from the other students. She feels isolated and lonely. 

But it's not just Rani. It's hundreds of other children like her. This disease shouldn’t be a curse. Every child has a right to be at school. And every child should receive the cure for leprosy.

A gift of £24 will provide the cure to a child like Rani while £50 will provide leprosy screening in school for two weeks. A generous gift of £182 could train local health workers to carry out more screening, meaning more children can be diagnosed and cured of leprosy for good.

Leprosy might keep Rani out of school - but you have the power to welcome her back today. 

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