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Will you restore the sight of someone like Samah today?

Samah came to Aburoff Clinic with a severe fever. She was constantly fatigued and even her skin colour had changed. The doctors immediately recognised her symptoms as leprosy and she started treatment. Without the cure, Samah could have faced lifelong effects from the disease - such as blindness. 

Leprosy causes nerve damage to the face which paralyses the eyelids and makes blinking impossible. The eyes become dry and infected. Thousands of people would not be blind today if they had only received an earlier diagnosis. 

The Aburoff Clinic is the only specialist leprosy centre in Sudan. Many travel from across the country to receive vital treatment there. Samah was cured of leprosy before it stole her sight: will you help others like her before it’s too late?

Your gift of £40 today can help continue the life-changing work of the team at Aburoff Clinic. Your kindness can provide vital eye surgeries and help people like Samah see a leprosy-free future ahead.

Every moment counts. Please give what you can to help people like Samah in Sudan today. 

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