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Give the gift of essential food and water to Vavy and her family

Right now, hunger is an urgent issue for many people in Sri Lanka. Vavy lives with her husband and four children. Leprosy has affected her hands which makes it difficult for her to grow food and provide for her family. 
Vavy's family also doesn’t have a well. Her neighbours chase her away from theirs. They are scared of her leprosy and believe she is cursed. She has no choice but to walk a great distance to get clean water. It's difficult because she can't carry much, so she has to make several trips every day. Your compassion can change this.
Your gifts could provide vegetable seeds and plants to someone like Vavy. You can provide a well so that she and her children have clean water that is safe to drink and enough water to grow plenty of food. Your love means people affected by leprosy can grow their own futures.
  • For £20, you can provide enough seeds and plants to meet a whole family’s needs
  • For £72, you’ll help equip an entire village with nutritional advice and farming training 
  • For £450, your life-changing gift will provide a well for families like Vavy’s, ensuring a clean water supply and combating the stigma of leprosy

Please give what you can today to provide food and clean water to people in Sri Lanka, making sure they no longer go hungry.

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