Give a gift to help end discrimination

Geeta is desperate. Her husband has abandoned her because she has leprosy. She has no one.

A gift of £30 will pay for a Leprosy Champion to support Geeta and her baby. What’s more, every gift is worth four times as much thanks to EU funding.

With no income and no way of surviving, Geeta urgently needs our support. Her husband’s mother is urging him to divorce Geeta. The shame she feels from her family and community is unbearable.

Geeta knows that The Leprosy Mission could offer a way out if we have the funds. Can you give a gift that can give hope to Geeta and other people like her across the world?

Having a Leprosy Champion would be life-changing for Geeta – she could learn to sew, provide for her baby and help stop people treating others with leprosy badly.

Remember that this project is supported by the European Union, so every £10 you give releases a further £30. A generous gift of £30 becomes a staggering £120. Together, think of how many people like Geeta we could help.

Donation worth 4 times as much  EU flag

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